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Verdant: Olive Ombre Peel & Stick Drawing Room Wallpaper

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  • Decorate your home effortlessly with our range of luxury premium wall coverings. The design featured in this listing can be printed on your choice of wallpaper type: Canvas Peel and Stick, Non-Woven Unpasted and Canvas Unpasted. Each variety has its own advantages as mentioned below.

    Easy Installation: Our wallpapers are thick which makes them easy to install and perfect for DIY projects.
    Good for renters: Our wallpapers are an ideal choice for renters who don't want to damage their walls.
    Safe for children: Our wallpapers are safe for children of all ages.
    Color Consistency: we maintain color consistency between all your orders and reprints.
    High-quality materials: we aim to provide you sharp images and without any blur.
    HP latex Printing Technology: We use inks which are Greenguard certified and meet EU Standards.
    Green Paper Quality Features: Lead Free, Formaldehyde Free,ROHS Compliant, Bacteria and Virus Free
    Easy Care and Maintenance : Washable with mild soap and water. We recommend dabbing with a wet cloth. The use of cleaner or heavy rubbing can cause the color to lift. Do not use any chemicals.

    To figure out how much wallpaper you need, simply measure the width and height of your wall using a regular measuring tape (avoid phone measuring apps).The HEIGHT will tell you which panel size you should get. For example, if your wall is 96'' tall you'll need the 100'' panel height.
    Your wall WIDTH will tell you how many panels you need, divide width in inches by 20'' to get the number of the rolls you will require.
    In case you have irregular walls or sloped walls please calculate tallest and widest point then trim excess during installation.
    For walls with doors and windows we recommend calculating the total width and height of the wall as if there were no windows or doors.

    AVAILABLE SIZES: (Canvas Peel n Stick comes in 24” inch width)
    20” (W) x 76” (H)
    20” (W) x 88” (H)
    20” (W) x 100” (H)
    20” (W) x 112” (H)
    20” (W) x 124” (H)
    Note: Taller or custom sizes are available on custom orders. Please message us for more information.

    SAMPLE INFORMATION : This design sample comes in 3 A4 Sheet size paper.
    One with the actual size of the design.
    The second with the pattern scaled down.
    The third is a mockup image to give you some context.
    We highly recommend ordering samples before committing to full size panels. It's possible that the finished product may be slightly different than it appears on your computer screen. It is also important to test the adhesive on your unique surface.

    We understand that scale is an important factor when it comes to pattern design. That's why we offer customization options to make sure you get exactly what you're looking for.

    Previous technologies used Eco-Solvent Inks which contained high VOC chemicals that degraded wallpaper panels over very short periods. As printing technology improved, HP Latex eliminated harsh chemicals and reduced material shrinkage. Most importantly, this printing technology delivers higher color quality, color consistency over time, and is scratch resistant.

    Canvas Peel n Stick - PVC Canvas based medium texture fabric with adhesive backing. It is 200 microns thick and gives a light textured matte luxurious feel. Works best on smooth walls. No glue needed.
    Non-Woven Unpasted - Our high-end eco-friendly, breathable fabric with medium texture feel .It has to be installed using a special type of glue (not included), and the result is permanent. It is 250 GSM thick. The paper media is sound absorbing and provides heat insulation.
    Canvas Unpasted - A pulp paper based medium textured wall covering with light micro glitter particles giving a slight shine to the canvas paper. It is 240 GSM thick. It has to be installed using a special type of glue (not included), and the result is permanent.

    Your new wallpaper
    A discount coupon for your next order.
    Our business and appreciation card.

    Processing and Shipping Time (FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE):
    We will prepare your order as quickly as possible, usually in 1-3 business days.
    Products are shipped from India, and shipping to the US and Canada takes 7-10 days. We only use DHL Express shipping to ensure your order arrives on time and in excellent condition.
    If shipping is carried out during big holidays, it may take a bit more time to be delivered. Our advice – order in advance!

    Check the quality of the wallpaper before installing. Make sure it is up to your standards.
    Install on smooth, clean, painted walls in good condition. In case your wall is newly painted then wait for at least two to three weeks after painting before installing the wall covering.
    Avoid installing the wallpaper over non-stick and latex free painted walls. If you are in doubt and unsure, we suggest simply priming your walls with a flat white primer.
    Do not install if your walls are textured, moldy, dirty and dusty. Also do not cover old wallpaper with our wallpaper.
    DIY/Installer: Our Peel n Stick materials are best for DIY-ers, mom, and even young teenagers. You don’t need a professional installer to install wallpaper. For unpasted wallpaper, we recommend hiring an experienced installer and checking quantity and material beforehand.
    Overlap: All panels have 0.5 inch extra for overlap beyond listed width. Overlap areas can be removed or left. Do not consider overlap when calculating the number of panels needed.

    There can be some variation between computer monitors/mobile phones and the final wall covering. This is due to your screens settings however, is very minimal in our experience. Slight color variation possible between materials. We suggest ordering samples if unsure.

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